"I would like to express how much Senior Rent Assistance has improved my life by helping to pay the rent, our biggest expense. I am much less stressed. I can buy a few pieces of winter clothing. I can finally get a haircut and have my nails done once in a while. I can see a dentist which is very important. And I can pay some of the medical bills not covered by Medicare. I am most grateful for this help. Thank you".

"Thank you so very much for your help with paying my rent for the next six months. I was really having a hard time trying to make it each month. I would pay my rent and all my other bills and I would be out of money before the next pay day, and I didn’t have enough money for my groceries. I will have to try to save some money over the next six months for when I don’t get help anymore. I thank the Lord for your help".

"Thank you for approving my participation in the State of Washington grant to HopeSource for low income rental assistance. This will enable me to pay off my hospital bill and doctor bills plus allow me to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables. The pressure of daily living has been lifted. Thank you so much for all of your kind and caring assistance".

"I want to thank the ROE Foundation for helping with my rent. In the past I have had some months where I had $1.00 left after paying my basic bills. I am so grateful. This is the first time in over a year I have not had the stress of wondering where I was going to find the money to buy groceries". 

The ROE Foundation Makes A Difference in the Lives of Seniors

"Thank you for the help you have given my wife and I. Due to the Rent Assistance Program we were able to turn our budget into a working budget. With this help we were able to cover our medical needs and spend more on food that we need to live. Due to the price of gas and food, it is still hard to stay within the budget, but with your help it is a little easier. At this time we are able to keep up with our medicine and it gives us a little more variety to the food that we can buy".

Click HERE to read how the ROE Foundation made a difference in the lives of seniors through Allegiance Assisted Living's Art for Everyone program. 

ROE Foundation Grant

Charitable Trust
HopeSource personally thanks The ROE Foundation for giving us the chance to honor and to help seniors in Kittitas County. We hear heartfelt appreciation from seniors every day and would like to share some of their testimonials with you: